Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Wasting my life away....

Well folks, the day has come and I'm back online. For now. My computer is back from the hospital but has a broken key (long story). I'm hoping it can be fixed locally.

I'm a little horrified by how much extra time I've had without the computer at home - ready for work in almost half the time, going to bed earlier. And then tonight, when I finally brought the computer home, I've sat and played around on it for almost an hour! And I've only been home an hour!

A small side note - I was very pleased to find that when I copied all of my old data back to the computer all of the passwords etc. were still there. A very good feature for idiots like me who enter their passwords in the keychain and promptly forget them :D I think (gasp of horror) I may actually turn out to be a Mac person after all.


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