Saturday, February 05, 2005

The Simple Life

My computer is STILL in hospital :( so I am still living in the low tech world. I am surprised just how much I rely on having access to the computer - for banking and bill paying, for communication, and for working. And most of all, for time wasting. I don't think it's any great coincidence that the last two weeks have been particularly productive. I've also noticed it takes me a good twenty minutes less to get ready in the morning when I don't check my email (and the weather, and who's posted on their blog, and what's happening in the world). Perhaps I need to make some changes when the computer is finally back - turn it off at night and leave it off? Maybe have a computer free day every now and then? Leave it at work for the night? These things still seem a little shocking to me, but the last few weeks have proven that I can actually get by without my faithful silver companion.


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