Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 in review

Once again, an appalling year when measured by blog posts. A single post here, a few more on Edward's blog, thats it. Oh well, maybe 2011 is the year to get back to it. 

As per last year I thought I'd post a few bests and worsts of the year, and then a few goals for the new year.

Best of 2010
- Edward; his birth and watching him grow from tiny helpless baby to an increasingly mobile and independent toddler.
- Two great vacations, one in Brisbane and the other in NZ.
- One paper published an a second under review (fingers crossed!)

Worst of 2010
- Complete lack of sleep.
- A massive reduction in blocks of time available to think, read and write.

Some goals for 2011
- More reading. More writing.
- Get up to date on a number of long overdue tasks (Edward's blog and baby thank you cards are the worst offenders).
- Get back to learning French.
- More time spent cooking interesting things.
- Get back to making yoga a habit.



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