Saturday, March 21, 2009

2009: Weeks 10-12

How quickly the weeks fly by; suddenly I'm 3 weeks behind on posting. Again! Oh well, there shall be no blog guilt, just a catch up post.

Life has been rather busy - work all week and busy weekends. Which is fine, except that I'm really looking forward to sleeping in ... sometime. Setting an alarm on a Friday night just doesn't seem right. Arriving early at the markets was worth the early start, so was brunch with friends. Getting up to go to the lab on a Saturday morning though ... not so much fun, but at least the 2 hour incubation has given me some email and blog catch up time.

Best of 3 weeks
- A trip to SMH growers markets with Peta - stand out purchases were fresh apples and pomegranate balsamic.
- Finally going to one of Angie's jewellery parties - what beautiful things she makes!
- Sound Relief at the SCG; especially the seat in the stands which meant we did not get wet when the (two!) storms passed through.
- Brunch with friends at Bellagio in Waverly.

Worst of 3 weeks
- Too much work, not enough play.
- Family illness.

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